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Mar-T-Cats is a small cattery in southern Ohio. We are dedicated to breeding well-socialized and healthy show and lap kitties that meet the CFA Standards including Balinese Cats, Javanese Cats, and Oriental Cat Breeds.  These The Balinese Cat, Javanese Cat, and Oriental Cat Breeds are the "long hair" versions of the Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthair, and Oriental Shorthair.  Same cats, same personality, different coat lengths.

I like the longer hair because the little extra fur masks the slightly naked look of the shorthair breeds.

I first became acquainted with these breeds about 15 years ago when I purchased my first Balinese boy as a pet.  Lucifurr was with me through two Dobermans, several house moves, and the beginning of my cat breeding phase. He never batted an eye through all the changes. He snuggled with the babies and tolerated the girls in heat. Whatta guy!

His standard has passed to his good friend, Houdini, who is now 10.

All the Oriental, Balinese and Javanese Kittens For Sale are pets- running the house and learning to respect the furniture at an early age, and not to jump on the counters. It's amazing that the babies learn so early to use their provided sisal scratching posts! All Oriental, Balinese, Javanese Kittens and neutered adults are health guaranteed. They are well socialized and have never met a stranger.

"My lap to yours" is our motto.

We hope you enjoy our website. Please look around and email me with any questions, I'll be glad to answer you!



Marty Pepin  


South Western Ohio

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